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I’ve managed to fit in a little time to play with the Caustic 2 beat box. It’s amazing how similar patterns can look in the app, but by moving a beat just a little what a huge difference it can make. Here are some examples. I put screenshots of the specific samples and references to where they are in the soundcloud file, which at the bottom.

Here is the basic Hip Hop beat I mentioned two posts ago. 0:00-0:06

Beat 1

Here I moved the second kick 2 beats to the right. Sounds hugely different. 0:06-0:10

Beat 2

Here I totally cut out the third bar. I think a large pause sounds very dramatic. 0:10-0:16

Beat 3

Here I kept the original beat and added a bunch lowtoms and some claps for fun. 0:16-0:22

Beat 4

Here’s the file. At the end I put all of the above examples together to help get a better idea of what a difference the little and big changes can make.

As I mentioned before, when I started fiddling with Caustic a year or so ago I didn’t understand how the BPM truly effected everything. Have listen to the above file in 120BPM, notice how it sounds more Dancy?

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