Major and Minor Chords

If there was one thing I have been worried about in regards to this project, it was memorizing chords. I ended up finding a youtube video that explains how to find 3 key major and minor chords quite easily.

Major chords:

First you need to find your root key, for this example lets use C. You count 4 keys to the right, including the flats (black keys) which would be an E. Now find go three chords to the right of the E, which is a G. Boom, press them at the same time and you have a C major chord.

Minor chords:

Same as before find your root key, lets use an E. This time start by going 3 keys to the right, which is a G. Now 4 keys to the right of that, which is a B. Press all three at the same time and there you have an E flat.

So the cool thing is, if you can remember this you can make a major or minor out of any root key. Every Octave only has 12 keys, and each Major and Minor chord is done the same in each octave.

Here is my reference video. Note it is for “Hip Hop Chord Progression” but he breaks it down in general really well. I’m off to experiment mixing these in with some beats.

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