First Loop

I said I was going to mess around with putting chords into beats, but I ran into a hiccup. I wanted to use a piano sample, but I didn’t have one in a single key, so I used a chord sample… Anyway it sounds ok. I used the Subsynth machine to add a bassline (ironically I couldn’t get a good sound out of the bassline machine), but I think it came through a little too strong. I plan on fixing that as I continue building the composition.

A good tip I found for the bassline is to use a machine that has a low pass filter. It will kill out all of the high and mid frequencies, just leaving nice punchy lows. I also heard that using a wood wind instrument and throwing it through a low pass filter makes a really effective bassline sound. I don’t have any wood wind samples yet, but I will try it out in the future.

All in all I learned I need to find more samples. A lot of the free ones I have are weird and I can’t figure out how to use them yet.

Here’s the loop

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