Song Structure

Last night I attempted to start work on my first full song, but I realized that I am stuck with just making VERY basic beat loops. In other words I had no idea how song structure worked. So, here is a little explanation.

A song is arranged into 6 parts
• Introduction
• Verse
• Chorus
• Bridge
• Middle 8
• Outro

Since I am currently focusing on hip hop construction, I will be using the following arrangement as a base.
1. Introduction: 8 Bars
2. Verse: 8-16 Bars
3. Chorus: 8 Bars
4. Verse: 8-16 Bars
5. Chorus: 8 Bars
6. Bridge: 2-8 Bars
7. Verse or Chorus: 8-16 Bars

It seems to be tough to get in writing how to construct a verse and a chorus etc, so I am going to do a little home research and analyze some of my favorite tracks.
Here are my reference links. Time for me to get back to moving.

General Song Structure:

Hip Hop Song Structure:

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