Format Changes?

The more I research Midi controllers, PC DAW’s etc. the more I feel like I need to change the format of this blog. While waiting for my Midi converter to show up so I can start doing those online piano lessons, I have concluded that I have come to a bit of a road block regarding android music production.

Therefore I am beginning to realize that my blog should probably be less Android focused and more “Learning Music Production on the Cheap”

I have all sorts of articles I could start writing about pertaining to powerful free Virtual Instruments, links on how to use powerful, yet inexpensive PC/MAC DAWs like Reaper. I also believe that by doing this I could reach out to a larger audience.

We will see what happens, but I expect to start doing mixed articles on Inexpensive Android and PC production shortly.

For everyone following my blog and people that are just visiting, feel free to comment on what you think about me doing this. Thanks y’all.

Scratch that. Frank Malm from Musical Android made some very good points in the nice comment that he left. Expect this to remain an Android Based Production Blog.

2 thoughts on “Format Changes?

  1. Hi- Being a person behind a website regarding music applications for Android I am of course very interested that you continue the blog using Android…
    Having said that- here is some things to consider-
    You will have more readers coming here to read your blog if you stick to the Android concept- As it is an interesting angle and there is a oversaturation of how to etc for music production for other platforms…
    Also a lot of people would go to your website because they can not afford to buy or have time to learn the myriad of possibilities that you would have with programs for P.C and they would not always be able to follow you on your journey. Another point is that even though there is so much more of programs and ways not using Android, think that Android have more than enough to offer in applications to make the journey and it is also easier as it is not as easy to get distracted with more and more software! For Android there is like Six- eight good multi track applications that you can do fully realized music with so by limiting yourself you would learn more as the exploration into the possibilities would go so much deeper and you would start to think outside the box and the end result is more creative than just reaching for some already made software that does the thing for you- as using one of the good synthesizer like Heat or Synprezfm on top of a beat made in one of the other applications…
    Suddenly you are thinking more like a musician than a person sequencing the latest and greatest in a P.C/MAC…
    Also remember this will be the year that Android will explode!
    There is already three devices that come with Low latency there is two big Companies that have entered into the arena and there will be many more…
    Anyway should have taken more time to write this as I have to run now and if it does not get written now i forget and then maybe we will lose a website that can grow with Android and not get sucked into the maelstrom of general website music production and there no one will find you…but think that my opinion is clear.
    Plus as bonus there will be mention of your website once in awhile on ti hi.

    Please keep on what you are doing and I understand where youre coming from having spent far too much unfocused time chasing software and other ways that seems to be easier when in reality it is to take the tools that you have and use them well…

    With love and respect

    Frank Malm / Musical Android

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