First PCMSynth Preset

I said I would have at least a preset up for peeps today, so here it is. The sample I used is from the tone bank on my Casio. I was flipping through it looking for sounds for future projects and thought that this sounded fairly unique. Also the scratching sound from my headphone jack seems to disappear as tones are transmitted, so it came out fairly clean.

To add this to your preset archive copy the .pcmsynth file into the pcmsynth preset folder. You will need a file explorer to do this and I would recommend looking up the app “ES File Explorer” on Google Play. Enjoy.



I will also have a new page archiving samples as I make them soon.

2 thoughts on “First PCMSynth Preset

  1. Very cool samples, but your PCM preset doesn’t have any keyranges mapped. For example your first sample “Boom C4”, spans the full range from C1 to C8 so that’s the only only that will get played.

    You need to assign a distinct range to each sample if that was your intention…

    • Thanks for the feedback. It was originally supposed to be 1 sound. I read somewhere you can get a more accurate range if you sample the sound on a low mid and high octave. Apparently I either misread that or did it wrong. Going to repost the preset with just the C4 sample as to not confuse people. I’ll be putting up some other Casio presets with multiple samples utilizing different ranges. Thanks again Rej, you da man!

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