For years I’ve listened to music, thinking about how great it would be to learn to play an instrument. When I was young my parents had me try piano, in University I picked up a cheap electric guitar, but it seemed like nothing really stuck or life (classes in particular) got in the way.

Well now I have moved to Australia and all of my unused instruments are back in the states (in the care of family who promise to use them more than I did). But with public transportation and differing work schedules from my wife I have a new resource, time. Having been introduced to electronically produced music in recent years  I have decided to give learning musical stuff another go through an electronic medium. I don’t have the funds to spend hundreds of dollars on fruity loops, other  intense windows/mac based software or hardware, so I have turned to my little 7″ android tablet. There happens to be a load of very powerful, yet very affordable music apps out there and I have found myself with a nice little production suite for about $16.

This blog will be centered around the process of me learning musical theory and how these programs work, with occasional updates on the sources I am using and the outcomes. I really hope that while I am on my journey, other people who are in my shoes, with no musical experience looking to get into producing will be inspired.

I will be focusing on three types of music production: Sequencing, Sampling and Mixing. All this will be done on my 1st gen kindle fire (soon to be upgraded to a Nexus 7).

Welcome to the Android Music Project

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